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20th floor up, The Grove By Rockwell, Tower B

Last Updated On March 29, 2015

Essential Info:
  • 3 Bedroom
  • Fully Furnished
  • 2 Parking
  • 3 Owners Toilet & Bath
  • 139 sqm Floor Area
  • Construction Completed On: Q2 2013
  • Last Renovated On: Q42014

    Official Receipt:
  • Personal Lease or OR (+12%)

  • incl of dues
    with Maid's Quarter and own T&B
    Loft Type Unit
    Cats/Dogs OK

    Renovated unit
    Dropped Ceilings with Cove and Spot Lights
    Very well lit modern bathroom
    2 balcony (incl in unit size) + 1 additional common balcony (not included in unit size, around 8sqm)

    Podium Parking
    Available guest parking for friends

    Amenities include:
    5th floor
    Spacious Gym
    Tennis Court
    Basketball Court
    Billiards Room

    GL/Podium Level
    Huge Open Lawn / Dog Walk Area

Lease Price: P 110,000
----- 791/FA sqm ----- 791/FA sqm
URL: http://mphrealty.com/property/541